In Store Lessons

Did you know that we have lessons in our basement? Students receive a private, 30 minute, weekly lesson from teachers with years of experience. From learning the basics of guitar to advancing your songwriting skills, our teachers are happy to help with your musical journey! We ask that you contact teachers directly to schedule lessons.


Steve Boothe    

801-376-6990 (Call/text)  

Guitar, Vocals, Songwriting. Beginning - Advanced  

Steve began playing guitar at ten years old, and has taught guitar and voice for 42 years. He has performed with BYU's Sound of Freedom and BYU Hawaii Showcase, traveling internationally with the group. Steve was the owner of Boothe Bros Music for over 30 years, teaching the entire time. He has taken professional vocal lessons from Professor Gayle Lockwood (BYU). He loves songwriting, teaching voice and playing guitar.




    Camille Brimhall

  385-250-4103 (Call/text)

   Guitar, Ukulele, Baritone Ukulele, Piano.  Beginning - Intermediate

 Camille has been playing music for as long as memory serves, and has been teaching at Boothe Bros Music for 5 years, specializing in younger students and those with special circumstances. Before beginning her teaching journey, she took lessons from Steve Boothe, which ignited her songwriting passion. For years, she has spearheaded the Angelus Theatre's Songwriter Night, a monthly event hosted three doors north of the music store.  Camille is a tender hearted person through and through and was born to be a teacher.



Scott Masters    

435-225-0070 (Call/text)   

Guitar. Beginning - Advanced   

Guitar teaching is not just an interest for me, but a passion.  Hence, I've been an instructor for several decades now.  My goal is to not only facilitate those who wish to play guitar, but to teach them a love of playing guitar and music.

My background includes not only experience as an instructor for decades, but formal education as such, in the which I have a teacher's certificate.
My method of teaching is very structured, and includes the rudiments of music, theory, technique, and of course having fun playing in a positive and safe environment.  I believe that one can learn a great deal about themselves through playing music, that can influence other aspects of their lives in
a very positive and uplifting manner, creating good self-esteem and image.  I consider the building of character to be an important part of my contribution as a teacher to the student.  Therefore, my hope and desire is that they too will enjoy playing guitar and music for decades to come, as have I.


   Sam Golightly   

   801-762-7829 (Call/text)   

   Guitar. Beginning - Advanced    

   Sam was born into a musical family, although he gets by on his own talents just fine. His father, Guy Golightly can be found playing at the Angelus theatre weekly jams. Sam has been playing guitar for 19 years and teaching for 13. Sam loves teaching jazz, blues, fusion, improvisation and ear training. He loves spending time with his family and is excited for his daughter Rosie to start learning the guitar.




Rory Childs     

801-361-9743 (Call/text)   

Guitar, Electric Bass, Slide Guitar, Real Rock Band Coach. Beginning - Advanced   

     Rory started taking guitar lessons at the age of 9 here at Boothe Brothers Music from Steve Boothe and later, Ed West, for a total of 9 years of private lessons. In 2004 he began teaching private lessons at Boothe Brothers Music. Rory has been one of the coaches of the Real Rock Band Program in 2017 and 2018. He has played in various bands and has done session work at live shows and studio work. Rory and his wife are in the process of opening Olde Main Studios, an art and recording studio, which will offer art classes, music classes, band coaching, rehearsal space, producer services, and a record label.                                       You can follow Rory & Olde Main Studios at:


   Jessica Knight   

   801-477-4324 (Call/text)   

  Guitar, Fiddle, Cello, Mandolin, Banjo, Ukulele, Baritone Ukulele. Beginning - Advanced

   Jessica Knight started playing music in her family's bluegrass band at the age of seven. She has been teaching group and private lessons for twenty tive yeras on a variety of string instruments. In addition to teaching at Boothe Bros Music, Jessica also teaches at local elementary schools, the Springville Senior Citizen Center, and has taught and organized workshops and jam sessions throughout the area. She enjoys creating a musical community where everyone can learn together, as well as play, perform, and share their love of music. More information on these community events can be found at 



Danny Smith   

801-227-4068 (Call/text)   

Drums. Beginning - Advanced   

Danny has been playing drums for over 29 years and teaching 19 of those. Starting in concert band in school, Danny also had private lessons from 2 different instructors: Randall Beach and Jason Willard.  After playing in Marching Band, Jazz Band, Concert Band he started his own rock band. Troopers Drum Corps was among many groups he played drums with including teaching the S.F. Drumline after graduation. Having instructors like Ray Luzier(from Korn) helped Danny Progress at M.I. (Musicians Institute) in Hollywood, California. He also has experience transcribing drum parts for cover songs, drumlines and writing music.