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Shop Our Awesome Collection of Cool Bass Guitars for Sale

Add depth to your sound with one of our stylish, high-quality bass guitars. Shop our bass guitars for sale today!

Get Ready to Rock with One of the Best Bass Guitars Around

Bass guitars are an essential part of any rock band, pop group, jazz set, or country act. At Boothe Music, we carry some of the top electric bass guitar brands in the industry, from Schecter to Nashville Guitar Works and more.

Do you need an affordable bass for a beginner? Try our Jackson JS3 Spectra Bass in silverburst. Are you looking for a bass for a jazz performance? Our Squier Contemporary Active Jazz Bass in white is a flashy choice. No matter what type of electric bass guitar you need, we’ve got you covered. Shop our collection today or contact us with any questions about any of the products we offer.

Buying a bass guitar online should be a stress-free, enjoyable experience.

Boothe Music can ship any electric bass guitar anywhere in the United States. We give you the personalized service and attention of a local music shop with every online purchase.

Experience the Boothe Music difference.

Our inventory is inspected, adjusted, and cared for by our friendly, knowledgable, professional staff of musicians.

Each instrument is photographed by our professional photographer, so you can see the instrument in high resolution.

Do you have questions and want to talk to a real, live musician who can pull the bass guitar off the wall and tell you first-hand all about it? Call our online sales support line at (844) 798-0529.

We carefully clean, tune, and prepare your new instrument before repacking and shipping it to your home.

You will have a positive experience no matter what your budget is. Join the Boothe Music family today.

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Jackson JS3 IV Spectra Bass, White/Gold



Sterling Ray 4 Bass Black Maple Neck

$299.99 $399.00


StingRay 4HH Bass Pacific Blue Burst Satin

$429.99 $489.99


Anomaly MK1 Dark Natural Bass Left-Handed

$749.99 $799.00


Squier Contemporary Active Jazz Bass, White



Jackson JS2 Spectra Bass Snow White



Jackson JS3Q Spectra Bass Amber Blue Burst



Squier Classic Vibe Bass VI Black MIRC



Jackson JS2 Concert Series Bass, Snow White



Jackson JS3Q Concert Bass, Cherry Burst



Jackson JS2P Spectra Bass, Blue Burst



Jackson JS3V Spectra Bass, Walnut Stain



Jackson JS3V Spectra Bass, Metallic Blue Burst



Jackson JS3QV Spectra Bass, Alien Burst



Yamaha Bass TRBX204, Metallic Grey




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