Best Rent-To-Own Program in Utah

Quality Instruments

Our student orchestra instruments are all designed by Anton Krutz and his workshop in Kansas City, a Master Luthier and Custom Builder of Violins, Violas, Cellos, and Basses. His brand new instruments are played in symphonies worldwide right next to instruments centuries old.

Our student band instruments are all designed by Mike Corrigan of Best American Craftsman in Kansas City, a Master Luthier and Custom Builder of Trumpets and Trombones who focuses on building them old-world style. His instruments are played by professional musicians around the world, including DCI's Blue Devils. 

Low Monthly Prices
You'll get the best student instrument for a low monthly price, and you're never obligated to purchase - Pay between $15 and $75/month for instruments that cost between $300 and $2100. There are no rental fees or service charges, and your payment is always exactly as advertised. 

Exchange Option
You'll never have to worry about losing your money on an indecisive student - Exchange your instrument for any other instrument in the Band and Orchestra departments and use 100% of your rental payments towards your next agreement, including step-up and Professional Instruments.

Insurance Program
Have a student who's a little hard on things? Are they taking their instrument back and forth for school? Our insurance program has great rates, and covers you for all those mishaps. 

Repair Shop
Our repair shop knows how to get it done right, and we'll make sure your instrument leaves better than it came every time. All our instruments must go through our repair shop, or one we've previously approved. Currently:
All Orchestra Repairs are In-Store
All Band Repairs are through Windy's Winds - Just drop the instrument off at our shop or call (928) 774-8442 or email

  • Boothe Brothers Music
  • 801-798-7650
  • 135 N Main St.
  • Spanish Fork, UT 84660
  • MON-FRI: 10 - 6:30 | SAT 10 - 6, Closed Sunday